What we do

What we do

Cascade Sci Arts develops and shares arts-led, science-informed, and tech-mediated feel-good experiences. Our work is for individuals and groups, online and in real-time. We collaborate with artists, scientists and experts-through-lived-experience to devise events that positively enhance mood and a sense of wellbeing.


Our Ambition is to create non-medical and non-chemical resources that allow people to feel psychologically more at ease – right now, easily, enjoyably and effectively.
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Our Mission is to research, produce and provide services, that are delightful, enjoyable, easily accessible and effective.
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Our Vision is to actively develop arts-led Social Prescription interventions backed by sound evidence.
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Our Objective is to mobilise the power of art to enhance good mental health.
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Our Aim is to connect private individuals and healthcare professionals with creative non-medical activities designed to help people confidently and enjoyably manage their health and wellbeing.

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