Project in Progress

Project in Progress

Our current project In PORTAL builds on Wanjiku’s 2018 quantitative study that investigated claims by artists in the 1960’s that music and visuals associated with psychedelia could open a portal into altered states of consciousness.

Wanjiku’s research findings were that the participant at these ‘happenings’ reported positive changes in mood and sense of wellbeing.

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In PORTAL is a 10-minute immersive arts-led, tech-mediated digital installation. The audio and visual content are designed to simulate, without any drug-use, the pleasant and wondrous effects of a ‘good trip’ after taking LSD in clinical trials.

The Experience

The experience will be free and it will include quizzes that explore if and how your sense of wellbeing and your mood has changed following your drug-free psychedelic trip. The information from the quizzes will help us to refine the experience.

In Development

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