Cascade Sci Arts

Cascade Sci Arts

Cascade SciArts is a community interest company that develops services and experiences to help people feel happier, calmer and more at ease in their lives and bodies.

The services and experiences we offer are co-created with experts-by-experience, artists, scientists, digital and sound technicians.


Feeling Good

Our work is all about ‘feeling good’. We design, produce and share arts-led, tech-mediated experiences that delight, soothe, lift mood, reduce anxiety and elevate a sense of wellbeing. For more information contact us or email us at and subscribe for updates to your email.

Arts-led, technology-mediated

Arts-led, technology-mediated

Cascade Sci Arts creates arts-led, technology-mediated projects that are open to all. We have a particular mission to help young people and adults whose wellbeing is affected by a variety of issues.


Depression and anxiety

Social deprivation

Terminal illness

Long-term life limiting illness

Other mental health challenges

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